How to choose a wallet for Men

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When it comes to choosing a wallet, we usually think foremost about its functionality. Which is fine, after all, that is what it was made for – storing money. But nowadays, a wallet is not just a storage tool, it is also an accessory that can be used to express yourself and your personality. So you should think of both functionality and design.

Choosing the right wallet is not difficult but a lot of men don’t give it much thought and just go with the first choice they see. You don’t have to spend a lot of time debating what type to get and going to different stores but it is good to know what kind of wallets are available.


To determine what wallet size will be best for you, first consider what you are going to be carrying in it. Take out all the contents of your old wallet and go through it one by one to see what you actually need and what you can take out.

The rule of thumb is the smaller wallet you get, the better it will look. Bulky wallets filled with cash look messy and don’t give a good impression. They will also cause you backpain if you put them in the back pocket of your pants and sit down. If your lifestyle allows that, go cashless as much as you can and pay using debit and credit cards to save the space in your wallet. Other than that, you should always carry an ID with you, for example, a driving license. If your profession requires it, also get some business cards to hand out. Regularly take the trash out of your wallet, that means things such as old receipts or cinema ticket stubs.


Material is what makes a wallet durable. Men’s wallets are made of a variety of materials but the most popular choice by far is leather. It is a timeless classic that will make anyone look dressier and more distinguished.

If you decide to get a leather wallet, make sure that it is a genuine one and not some imitation material. Fake leather can be just as expensive but it will wear out much faster.


If you want your wallet to last, don’t buy it at a street market but rather choose a trusted brand to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

For example, Prada has a variety of choices of wallets for men, all of them made from genuine leather. Prada wallet Men models feature classic bifold wallets, large zip around wallets, or simple card/document holders. They come in standard colors of black, brown, grey, and blue. Carrying a Prada wallet is a statement in itself as it is not only a sign of good fashion style but also wealth.

A wallet is something that we all carry anyway so why not make it a good one?

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